Automotive heat exchangers, compressor parts

[INQ. NO. 1409M09] 3A Clizen is a specialized company manufacturing high-quality automotive heat exchangers and automotive A/C compressor parts with TS16949 and ISO14001 certifications, according to strict quality management standards;It has achieved “Single PPM” defect ratios for products.

Automotive-heat-exchangers,-compressor-parts As a leading manufacturer, 3A Clizen offers aluminum, copper, and brass automotive heat exchangers and compressor products that are designed for vehicles and industrial applications. 3A Clizen was appointed as a technically innovative company, INNO-BIZ, and registered as a high technology venture business company by Korean government. The company’s automotive heat exchanger and compressoraredesigned and engineered to deliver excellent performance that makes automobiles possible to be almost perfect. These are the results of concentrated technology based on superior materials with excellent durability.

Its products such as automotive condensers, automotive evaporators, automotive radiators, and automotive heaters & heater cores are also friendly to the global environment. 3A Clizen’s world class aluminum, brass, and copper heat exchangers have unique designs for each and optimize internal temperatures for automobiles,trucks, and buses with excellent heat exchange. The manufacturing system can provide clients with everything they need, ranging from OEM products to OES and aftermarket replacement for original components. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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