Centrifugal pump

[Serial No. 2012-B-078]

HANDOL PUMPS is a leading innovative centrifugal pump company. Since the company was established in Korea in 1993, it has developed and manufactured a wide range of pumps according to API 610 and ISO 5199 for core markets which are power generation(including combined cycle power plant, thermal power plant, nuclear power plant), oil & gas including both onshore and offshore fields, petrochemical, chemical, pump & paper, water and other industrial applications.

Centrifugal-pumphttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Its pumps can handle head requirements as high as 2,400 meters and capacities up to 15,000 cubic meters per hour. Its heavy-duty designs cover temperatures from minus 100 degrees Celsius to 450 degrees celsius. Most of pumps are tested in HANDOL PUMPS’ test facilities which cover up to 3.5MW in both 50 and 60 hertz before delivery which ensures complete customer satisfaction. With the strictest standards, the following test types can be performed; performance, NPSH, vibration analysis, noise level, bearing temperature, hydrostatic and submergence.

HANDOL PUMPS has a mission of being a world top class centrifugal pump manufacturer. The company’s international reputation is a result of ongoing R&D efforts and continuous improvements in the engineering and manufacturing process. Its satisfied clients can be found domestically and internationally in about 30 countries. HANDOL PUMPS is the cornerstone that leads the development of the pump technology.

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