Magnetic separator

[Serial No. 2014-B-045]

Hankook Matics is one of the leading manufacturers in the professional design and manufacture of magnetic equipment, machinery and separation plant. For 20 years, Hankook Matics has supplied quality items not only to the local market, but also to globally valuable clients at highly competitive prices based on accumulated technology.

Magnetic-separator The magnetic separator from the company is for separation of ferrous or nonferrous materials from other materials by using strong magnetic force. There are many kinds of separators such as suspended type, drum type, etc., depending on site conditions. The suspended magnetic separators are designed to remove ferrous metal from bulk materials handling conveyor systems. Hankook Matics has wide range of sizes for wide range of orders from customers and even explosion-proof type is also available for hazardous areas.

And Hankook Matics also developed an eddy current separator. It is for separating non-ferrous metals from others. It is generated on magnetic rotor when the rotor is rotating at very high speed. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass will be thrown forward when they arrive at the occurrence point of the eddy current on a magnetic rotor. Currently, the two separators are being mainly delivered to countries like Australia, Japan, and some Asian nations. And Hankook Matics hopes that it can export to the North American market in the near future.

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