Stone chip-coated steel roof tile

[Serial No. 2012-S-009]

FEROOF is a representative manufacturer of stone chip-coated steel roof tile. With the spirit of master artisan, roof tile company FEROOF has raised the standards of Korean roof tiles over the past 41 years. FEROOF is producing the finest quality roof tiles in the industry. It is investing attention and funds in its infrastructure to perfect the design of roof tiles.


FEROOF, a company specialized in manufacturing stone-chip-coated steel roof tiles, has been recognized for producing high-quality steel roof tiles with its Korean traditional know-how and cutting-edge building technologies. As part of the company’s continuous R&D investment to develop roofing materials for all kinds of severe climates, it built a research center in March 2011, moving one step closer to its vision of becoming a global leading roof tile manufacturer.

FEROOF has gained the upper hand in the market with its steel tiles, which are six times bigger but weigh one-sixth the weight of clay tiles. Light and durable FEROOF tiles can reduce installation time while ensuring secure perfection for your home.

When it comes to exports, the company has already moved into roofing markets in 50 countries, like Japan, Canada, Europe, etc. Exports account for 90 percent of its total sales revenue. “My business philosophy is to never give up, and I believe having technological prowess would guarantee the competitive position in the market,” said CEO Park, Seo-jeong.

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