Industrial valves

[Serial No. 2012-B-095]

Daeryoong Valve manufactures different kinds of world-class valves, especially for curing presses for tires, utilizing up-to-date precision processing and testing facilities, while gaining a high reputation from the global market.

Industrial-valves Among its current major flagship valve items are 3-way & 2-way piston valves, control valves, pressure regulator valves, lift check valves, 4-way piston valves, and pan check valves. The maker’s valves are normally installed in curing presses and are being specially used for manufacturing a high quality rubber and tire product, controlling fluids such as steam or water, nitrogen, air, etc.

The special technology for durability, design, is applied, and thus they ensure the users greater economic benefits compared to the existing similar ones in both at home and abroad market. The packing section of those products is significantly intensified to minimize leakages and to extend the life of valves. The SCS13 (Stainless Steel Casting) material is especially used for its sturdy and practical valves. The company’s 3-way & 2-way piston valves are capable of perfect sealing with the mounted disc ring made of PTFE. Two stem structures of those absorb the impact in the seat. Body and low seat flange of those valves are made of stainless steel. Shot peening process is applied to increase the lifespan of these valves.

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