Heat recovery steam generator

BHI is a world-leading supplier of heat exchangers, including heatrecovery steam generators, which have been awarded the World Class Product of Korea 2012 by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea. With astonishing achievements in HRSG (Heat Recovery steam generator)fin tube coating technology, BHI has coated HRSG fin tubes with porcelain enamel, which have been co developed by KOSPO and Ujin. This coating technology will prevent corrosion at dew points and enhance the durability of HRSG fin tubes, without compromising the heat-exchanging capabilities. Shin-Incheon project is the first HRSG in the world with enamel-coated fin tubes, and BHI is hoping to apply this technology further to other projects.

Heat-recovery-steam-generatorhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Utilizing LNG fuel, HRSG operates the gas turbine used for existing thermal power generation, collects high-heat waste with a recovery device, and operates the steam turbine. HRSG is an environment-friendly power generating device that efficiently produces electric power by a two-step process. Hence, it is considered to be mandatory equipment for a combined thermal power plant.

Based on self-developed technologies, BHI produces high-quality products that minimize pressure loss and maximize heat transfer. BHI contributes to energy saving and environment protection by efficiently recycling hightemperature exhaust gas energy. BHI designs and manufactures high-quality products based on a license agreement with Foster Wheeler that was made in 2005, and technological know-how and experience.

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