Auto ripper

INQ. NO. 1410M03] S&C has consistently grown based on the spirit of sincerity and challenge as its foundation ideology even in difficult internal and external circumstances since the establishment of the company in 2000.

S&C has, meanwhile, achieved improvements in fabrication and machining technology capability. And S&C has been a successful strategic partner with Doosan Infracore and should be for many years to come. The rapidly changing market environment is always demanding proactive footwork. And S&C worked its strategies of business diversification for challenge motives and put them into practice. With different perspectives from Doosan machine parts business, it successfully challenged the new business of industrial machinery and attachment business from 2007 and built up valuable experience in providing clients with customized products. one of current products, S&C’s auto ripper reduces noise more than 10dB compared with hydraulic breakers and achieves two to five times higher performance covering 70% of all different types of working sites compared to hydraulic breakers. Most field works such as breaking, ripping and crushed rubble handling can be performed simultaneously.

Auto-ripper The auto ripper carries out construction work even in city zones in places sensitive to machine noise. It minimizes an operator’s vibration fatigue compared to other ripper machines, and the operator’s preference for this fatigue relief can contribute to high job efficiency.

Construction work in rivers and ocean coastlines is possible without extra optional devices. The machine protection design from ripper’s high vibration is applied. The end-users can enjoy lower maintenance cost than the former hydraulic breaker’s. With additional option devices, the ripper can be used as compactor or pile-driving hammer.

The company’s well developed and widely known technical know-how attracted OEM product contract with one of the Japanese leading companies for construction machine attachments in 2010. Its workmen and all company organizations have adapted to their world-best quality enforcement and its outcomes have been carried out successfully. And its necessary and sufficient qualified service has expanded supply volume as well. Furthermore, its OEM experience opened new prospects for its own brand attachment business. And currently it will be its core business category in the medium and longer term.

In the meantime, its management received high praise from external assessment institutes. Its award winnings were the Certification of Quality Management System in 2006, Certification of Clean Factory in 2007, Certification of Venture Corporation in 2009, INNO-BIZ Corporation in 2011, VISION Corporation in 2012. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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