Kia Motor to develop smartwatch

Kia Motor to develop smartwatch

Kia Motors has recently started its working-level consultative talks for the development of a smartwatch that can change the temperature in a vehicle, start the engine and open or close doors, with a launch date set for next year. if the company succeeds in the development, it will become the world’s first maker to unveil a smartwatch that controls a cars’ major functions.

An official at Kia Motors recently said “We have recently launched the “K3 Watch” equipped with a smart key function, which has met a far better-thanexpected reception. “We set a major course of launching a wearable device in the likes of smartwatch next year as a successor to the K3 watch.”

The K3 Watch, which was unveiled on September 3, is a wristwatch that enables users to jumpstart the small-and mid-size sedan “K3”, or open and close the car’s doors. Kia Motors is the first Korean carmaker that embedded such functions into a wristwatch.

Kia Motors’ move to develop the car smartwatch syncing with a smartphone is seen as a strategy to tap the enthusiastic reception shown toward the K3 to take the lead in the wearable devices for cars. Kia Motors is scheduled to manufacture 1,500units of the K3 Watch and give them to buyers of the K3 car launched last month who apply for the smartwatch on a first-come, first-served basis. | Blog

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