Dissolved oxygen supply system

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[INQ. NO. 1411M15] Deojon Korea Co., Ltd. professionally manufactures and supplies oxygen dissolvers and oxygen generators targeting its potential customers. The company has made huge efforts for technology development to increase up the quantity of the dissolved oxygen by using high purity oxygen, in order to cope with high-density environment in the sea.

After five years of the repeated trial and error, in 2003, Deojon Korea finally developed a technology that effectively dissolves the high-purity oxygen in the water. That technology now considered an optimal technology for the improvement of water-quality and the eco-friendly water-quality management. Currently the technology is actively used for more than 150 applications including fish farm, piggeries, and disposal plants in Jeju Island, with accumulated actual noticeable effectiveness.

Dissolved-oxygen-supply-systemhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDeojon Korea’s dissolved oxygen supply system is the so-called all-in-one system equipment consists of an oxygen generator, a circulation pump, and oxygen dissolver and controller, designed to fully supply the dissolved oxygen. The system uses low-pressure process, so that it consumes low-priced power. With an adoption of structure causing no happening of blocking, it boasts of superior performance in durability. This system is applicable to all areas where the certain level of the quantity of the dissolved oxygen needs to be consistently maintained in the water.

Deojon Korea was determined to make further efforts to expand the application areas of the technology into more various fields where needs are existed for the improvement of water-quality, not only in the domestic market, but global markets as well, based on the proven technology.

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