Wiring connector

[INQ. NO. 1411M14] Armed with creative mindset and challenging spirit, Jowoo-Tech has built up steady growth. As an ambitious venture company, Jowoo-Tech has made heavy investment for unique technologies on “No-Stripping, Multiple-Electric Contacts” cable connector called “e-Clamp.” The revolutionary wiring connector will allow you to branch wires together without the need to remove wire coverings.

Wiring-connectorhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Ensuring proper connectivity, this connector further decreases the risk of any shock by protecting against loose, poor connections. What’s more, this amazing small-sized device saves you both time and money on the job. The customers especially in Japan, Germany, the UK and the USA are most highly seeking these competitive items.

Jowoo-Tech will keep on following up its customers’ considerations and supports seamlessly to match their higher expectations. Steady R&D works and advanced quality control will continue to pursue the ultimate customer satisfaction.

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