S. Korea to conclude three free trade with China, Vietnam, and New Zealand

Korean government is working to conclude further free trade agreements (FTA) with China, Vietnam, and New Zealand within this year in order to help domestic companies’ exports in the global market. The government is now under pressure to facilitate Korean companies’ exports to Vietnam while responding to China’s policy of growing its domestic market. Also, in a move to stay ahead of competitors, including Japan, the nation strategically already suggested a deal for an FTA with Vietnam.

A spokesperson responsible for the Korean government’s FTA policy noted “Conclusion of a Korea-China FTA within this year has great importance, given the fact that Chinese government is now swiftly changing its policy for economic growth from the export-based to local market-based. The conclusion of the FTA aims to secure early advantages in China’s domestic market.”

The Korean government estimates that once the Korea-China FTA is effectuated, Korea’s exports to China would increase from 5.4 percent to 5.5 percent and the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) also should grow from 2.28 percent to 3.04 percent within 10 years after the effectuation, according to the level of trade concessions.

Between Korea and Vietnam, a trade agreement was concluded through the Korea-ASEAN FTA. But, Vietnam is a late participant in the FTA, so that the commodity group’s transition into a group in the tariff-free condition is scheduled to be carried out by 2020. And the percentage of the commodity group excluded from trade concessions is high. Now more than 3,300 Korean companies operate in Vietnam, and from the Vietnam side, elimination of tariffs between Korea and Vietnam is urgent as Korea comprises 30 percent of total exports.

The trade level between Korea and New Zealand is not so high, but it plays a big role for Korea not to lose its competitiveness in the area in a trade race between Korea and rival trade nations including China. China also enjoys nearly double increased exports ahead of effectuation after announcement of China-New Zealand FTA.

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