[INQ. NO. 1412M08] Samsong Caster has since 1980 been manufacturing casters, based on top-quality and lowcost. Samsong Caster is an ISO 9001/14001-certified designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive line of industrial casters, ranging from a medium-duty series to a heavy-duty series to meet any application. Can you imagine a world where no kinds of casters existed large discount stores, airports, and industrial spots? A world without casters would be just terribly inconvenient.

Caster Samsong Caster is a company that manufactures and exports casters that free people of unnecessary burdens at such various important daily places as hospitals, industrial spots, etc. Samsong caster’s quality casters are highly durable and strong enough to fully withstand impact, corrosion, temperature extremes and chemicals found in harsh industrial environments.

Samsong Caster’s TP 7002 caster, which marketed under the brand of Trio Pines Caster, delivers top performance with sealed bearings fitted. These bearings are equipped with seals to retain grease and require no further lubrication or attention. The model is usable under silicon free circumstances – silicon-based products such as grease are the root cause of many quality issues in the automotive industry. For best ergonomic results, the MF series allows clients to easily maneuver loaded carts. Samsong Caster’s export growth to countries of North America, Europe, and Asia is beyond that of other regions. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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