High speed electric vehicle

[INQ. NO. 1412M32] Power Plaza was the first one who standardized power supplies DCDC and AC-DC converters in domestic market since established in 1993. Most of power companies just offer OEM service with top-down order from major customers and it caused limited growth of these industries.

Since 2008, Power Plaza launches ‘Electric Vehicle Project’ as extended application of digital power for future market. The EV project also based in Power Plaza’s sincere consideration for Green Technologies and own ‘Green Policy’ from 2007. Power Plaza’s pure high speed electric vehicle, “Yebbujana” are well-known as carbon full body, onepiece platform and several remarkable history such as Europe tour with Zero Race team, sponsored by UNEP, Korea Guinness Record 503.2km drive range. There is Electric Conversion project with Matiz, Labo 0.5ton, BongoIII 1.0ton truck with Power Plaza’s EV power-train solutions as well.

The world’s first full carbon fiber EV, Yebbujana 2.0 & 3.0 has max.speed150km/hr with 150km drive range. 2300km Europe tour in 2010 and became the first Korean EV on Autobahn.

The outdated combustion engine, power train is replaced to electrified power train and battery. This electric conversion definitely help the customer to save huge amount of oil cost and it produces bring no more air contaminant from aged vehicle and the company takes advantage of recycling of usable car body as well.

Power Plaza has developed this entire power train solution incl. DC-DC converter YPM600W, Power Distribution Unit so on, and offers new customized solution.

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