Track roller

[INQ. NO. 1412M13] Jalman Precision is a professional manufacturer of state-ofthe-art products such as rod ends, spherical plains, balljoints & track roller bearings by using independently developed technology, further proceeding to produce rare kinds of bearings with globally competitiveness comprising price, quality, design, durability, etc.

Track-roller Jalman Precision’s JMC stud type track roller is proper for static loads and heavy loads at low and middle high speed. In view of its multiple functions, there are various usages in accordance with diverse kinds of rollers such as guide rollers, rocker valve rollers, cam rollers for slide and pressure rollers.

JMC stud type track rollers are suitable for many kinds of machines like automatic machinery, specialized machinery, cam-working assembly, various carrying facilities, conveyors or the tool exchanger for machining center. Generally, JMC stud type track rollers are non-separable bearings and do not need additional lubrication for a long time if the initial grease fill is sufficient. JMC stud-type track rollers with a cage have sufficient space to store the lubricant. So these types are suitable for high speeds and low loads. Otherwise, stud type track rollers without a cage which is fully stuffed with needle rollers are non-separable bearings suitable for low speeds and high loads. They should be relubricated regularly. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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