Al return bend auto brazing M/C

[INQ. NO. 1501M06] Jaehyun Autonics manufactures the automated brazing/soldering system and provides related equipment. Jaehyun Autonics manufactures automated machines for areas of brazing and soldering operations and peripheral equipment and factory automation machine. The current major products include Index Type Brazing M/C, Robot Brazing System, In-Line Brazing M/C, Soldering M/C, Electronic Gas Saver, etc.

Al-return-bend-auto-brazing-MC Placing the first priority in manufacturing of its products in the aspect of elevating the quality of manufactured products, the company is also deeply considering another important aspect in design and manufacturing of how to manufacture systems that are convenient to operate in real application.

Al Return Bend Auto Brazing M/C leads the company’s current step toward the upcoming AHR Expo2014 at which this maker aims to make this new year of its own strategic pace of massive promotion at the place. This M/C is now a product recognized as one of strong items that have strong potential for the nation to increase its national rank in terms of trade capability.

The reliable background based on some facts: it is quite suitable for mass production; it supports successive production line; it is applicable to the workpiece necessary for frequent modification: it also supports standardization according to the applications. According to the models, for the M/C, conveyor speed is adjustable. Moreover, in its operation process, distance and angle of nozzle is also adjustable according to the models. A representative application of the product includes heat exchanger U-Bend brazing. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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