Vibration absorber

[INQ. NO. 1501M01] New Donghae was established in 1998 to devote itself to manufacturing of various products for refrigeration & air-conditioning appliances. From the early stage of its business, the maker is recognized as one of the major manufacturers in Korea of various types of vibration absorber product.

Vibration-absorber Since 2009, New Donghae started supplying a new version of vibration absorber.

The president Jang Young-in said “We assure our quality products and competitive price will bring you a perfect satisfaction and will keep concentrating all our efforts on providing our customers with our reliable products.” New Donghae recently introduced a new version of check valve for higher working pressure.

New Donghae’s vibration absorbers are designed for installation in the suction and discharge lines of air-conditioning & refrigeration system to dampen the transmission of compressor-induced vibration through system piping. Various models are available to fit copper tubing. All models are compatible with HCFC & HFC refrigerants including R410A. For high working pressure, unique proven design is employed for all models. The working temperature permissible is from -40c to +120c.

New Donghae’s check valves are made of stainless steel for higher working pressure and it is to maintain flow in only one direction during operation and to prevent backward flow of fluid from condenser to compressor during off-cycle. They feature a stainless steel body for high working pressure and overheating. They support positive sealing and reduce leakage by piston stopper. For various models of check valves, the leak of helium & hydrogen is tested. CE&UL applied, they boast reliable quality. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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