Top-quality brake pads

[INQ. NO. 1501M18] Jinheung Brake was established in 1968, and has for 45years specialized in the development and manufacture of brake pads, brake shoes and linings for domestic and foreign vehicles. Through product quality and delivery service, Jinheung Brake had been recognized by customers for its on-time delivery.

Recently, the company has been exporting all kinds of auto-parts for Korean vehicles including engines, tires and batteries as the new business sector. Through 47 years of accumulated know-how and experience, the priority of Jinheung Brake is to manufacture and supply the finest brake pads and brake shoes to customers domestically and internationally, and the ultimate goal for the company is to become the leading vendor among global manufacturers in the automobile industry.

jinheung_1 Megatron Brake Pad, developed and manufactured by Jinheung Brake especially for the Peugeot 405 model, provides quick and smooth braking, with low noise and dust. The products are manufactured domestically through Jinheung Brake technology, which is high quality and backed by the ISO / TS 16949 certification. The Megatron Brake Pad provides longer life and excellent reliability, and features quick response, smooth operation, quiet operating condition, complete quality control, sharp delivery and long life.

For safer driving, Jinheung Brake enhanced the performance of the materials considering reliability. Also, through the new technology of materials, the Megatron Brake Pad enables quiet conditions when driving, and based on QS 9001, ISO / TS 16949 System, every procedure of the manufacturing is assured by strict inspection.

jinheungJinheung Brake focuses on the innovative development of brake pads and shoes, combined with its 47 years of expertise. Through continuous development of technologies, Jinheung Brake is realizing the manufacture of top-quality and safe products for customers, and also enabling price competitiveness.

These main features have ensured customers’ longterm business relationships with the company. Products developed and manufactured by Jinheung Brake are not only distributed domestically, but also to many foreign automobile manufacturers worldwide.

Since its establishment in 1968, Jinheung Brake continued its efforts to develop new technologies for better quality and efficiency, and as a result, acquired several certifications, including the ISO / TS 16949 Certification, ISO 9001 Certification, and the QS 9000 Certification. Also, Jinheung Brake is equipped with all kinds of machineries to enable the complete self production processes of the brake pads, brake shoes and brake linings. Through the complete selfproduction process, the company offers excellent price competitiveness and quality control. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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