Advanced aerial working platforms

[INQ. NO. 1501M16] Dasan Heavy Industries has focused its energy on producing small- and medium-sized cranes as well as various aerial working platforms, since its inauguration in 1998. Due to its constant development of new technologies, the company has been designated as an “INNO-BIZ” company by the Korean government.

dasan Aiming at becoming a global powerhouse in the field of special cranes and aerial working platforms, Dasan Heavy Industries has placed top priority on technological innovation. The company was designated in 2003 as regular suppliers to Korean government by the Public Procurement Service.

Dasan Heavy Industries has already obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and won foreign standards for its products such as GOST-R. It possesses several patented technologies concerning horizontal maintaining systems and oil pressure devices.

The “CT-180S” aerial working platform from Dasan Heavy Industries ensures increased productivity by adopting an integrated control system featuring maximum safety and convenient control. It is suitable for various works like building maintenance and installation of signboards. With a small swing angle of 250 degrees, it allows users to easily perform aerial works in urban areas and narrow alleyways.

dasan_1 Utilizing locally made long-wheelbase truck’s cabin chassis, the model offers a maximum working height of 18m. Its X-shaped main outrigger guarantees maximum stability with a horizontal/vertical automatic extension of 3.8m. By employing pentagonal boom and side pad-controlling device which were developed by in-house technology, the model minimizes the distortion of the boom caused by bucket rotation.

The company’s “DFM-280L” aerial working platform is designed to be mounted on a domestically made 3.5 ton truck’s long-wheelbase cabin chassis. So, the model shows great operation capacity with a maximum working height of 27.5m and a maximum working radius of 18m/300kg.f. Employing a double worm reduction system, it ensures stable swing and stop motion. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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