Remote control valves

[INQ. NO. 1503M09] Balem’s Waterman (Model: 130-010W) is a remote control valve equipped with a super-mini hydro-electric power generator and a built-in control circuit board. The valve can be used for pressure control/ flow rate control/ or level control, and can be interlocked with SCADA system via wire or wireless communication. Immersible operation is possible for the sake of perfect waterproof construction, and thus, the valve can be run without fear of flooding even during the raining season. The valve has a built-in power generator, which produces sufficient electricity for the valve operation, control, communication and maintenance using the fluid flowing through the valve. It does not require any external power supply. A completely isolated construction allows installation of a circuit board for any application, with which data/control profile logging and bi-directional communication is possible.

Remote-control-valves Optimum supply pressure can be selected automatically based on time or flow rate. A complicated flow rate control is available without any external power source, and precise and safe level control is available by pressure reaction type. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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