Four-wheel-drive sedans becoming general trend

The sales of four-wheel-drive sedans have surged in South Korea, smashing the existing believe that the normal sedan is a front-wheel-drive car while a luxurious sedan is a rear-wheel-drive car. This is because, in Korea where heavy snow falls in winter while heavy rain falls in summer, four-wheel-drive cars are more effective than front-wheel-drive cars or rearwheel-drive cars. About this, Hyundai Motor said “63 percent of 37,700 units of Genesis selling last year were four-wheel-drive vehicles.”

The global top-five automaker has been applied a four-wheel-drive system to only recreational vehicles (RV) but, with the launch of Genesis in December, 2013, it succeeded in releasing HTRAC, its four-wheel-drive system for sedans. Contrary to expectations of market experts, a steadily growing number of customers are choosing the high-priced four-wheel-drive cars than rear-wheel-drive cars.

Consumers’ preference for four-wheel-drive vehicles is also greatly reflected in luxurious imported car brands. Germany’s most premium sedan brands are selling four-wheel-drive sedans, along with rear-wheeldrive cars. A classic case is that of Mercedes-Benz. The automotive company said “4MATIC sedan, released as a four-wheel-drive car last year, was selling more than three times from the same period of the previous year.”

Mercedes-Benz has sold units of 2,779 vehicles with five models in the four-wheel-drive sedan market in 2013 and increased the number of models to 13 last year with customers’ explosive demand for four-wheel-drive sedans. A spokesperson of the company said, “With bad conditions of weather such as heavy snow in Korea, consumers show an obvious trend of preferring rearwheel drive to four-wheel drive when they purchase luxurious sedans,” adding, “We are considering a plan to introduce more four-wheel-drive models.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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