Gold dust separator

[INQ. NO. 1503M17] Kumho Engineering was established in 1980, and through specialized and advanced technologies, products such as its gold dust separator (GDS-ST200), washing machine for soil pollution and for dried type separator filter cans, structural aggregate separator & gold dust separator, washing machine for dried type filter can separator and structural are manufactured. The company acquired six patents, five utility models and two design patents, along with obtaining GOST-R, ISO 14001 and CE certification.

Gold-dust-separator Kumho’s GDS Series (Datach, GDS-ST200) is used in small sites, for the site survey and the pilot production. Also, it has an environment-hardened structure to be workable in the worst working conditions, and provide built-in generator and water pump to save additional cost. The product work for 24 hours continuously, and is easy to install, free to immigrate to another site by using fork lifts.

GDS series of Datach satisfy the various requirements of customers by lowering the initial investment cost, saving operational cost, and also reducing the additional cost in the future in terms through high productivity and mobility. The Datach GDS series can precisely select gold-dust in the highest yield ratio of 98%, showing excellent gold-dust gathering ability.

Gold-dust-separator_1 Kumho Engineering has obtained a leading position in aggregate and mining equipment in Korea through product competitiveness and persistent technical and quality efforts. With its main brand, Detach, it has obtained a technically advanced position in this field.

Kumho Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of aggregates and mining equipment in Korea, since it was established in 1980, and has acquired its product competitiveness through persistent efforts for better technology and quality innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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