Leading Korea’s development of vehicle black box

[INQ. NO. 1503M20] Established in 2000, Sytopia Co., Ltd. has ever since its founding in 2000 been designing and manufacturing vehicle car black box systems, helping the nation’s industry gradually develop.

The vehicle black box from the company is developed for surveillance and protection inside the vehicle. Sytopia is an authorized supplier to international motor companies such as Hyundai Motors and KIA motors, and it was designated as an innovative venture company by the Korean government.

vehicle-black-boxhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry For 2015, Sytopia has launched its latest, most competitive vehicle black box model SMVB-2010, which offers high-definition images in the occurrence of car accidents, to analyze the cause of the accident. The long-running and attractive model ensures 2 channel car-DVR, wide view angle of 140 degrees for forward vision and 160 degrees for the backward vision. Also, it uses a tri-axis acceleration sensor that can save the driving record automatically, such as excessive speed, brake and impact. Also, SMVB-2010 interlocks with the map of the portal site to save the driving route and the accident area. Moreover, the storage enables one to save video and audio files simultaneously, and protects privacy by choosing audio recording on / off button. The power of DC 12V~24V supports all vehicles for maximum compatibility.

And also, the company has specialized by releasing its latest product – an unmanned surveillance camera, or VOIS (video object intelligent surveillance), which is used for various purposes, including the school zone alarm management, safe zone, illegal parking and others. The product applies correct illumination for monitoring day and night, and organizes a scenario of monitoring zone situation.

vehicle-black-box_1 Also, the unmanned surveillance camera applies multiple mixed techniques that are resistant to environmental changes. Major functions include perception and distinguishing objects, conducting PTZ camera image-based analysis, and monitors 360 degrees in all directions. The product warns immediately in the event of dangerous situations, and can perform monitoring at all times.

To preemptively cope with the rising demand for developing advanced technologies, it established its R&D laboratory already in 2010. Through it, unmanned surveillance cameras of various uses and purposes are developed to improve the quality and the safety of human lives. Sytopia plans to unveil more upgraded models of car black box and unmanned surveillance camera in the near future in line with growing demand in overseas markets for such kinds of products.

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