Truck-mounted hydraulic crane

[INQ. NO. 1503M19] Founded in 2012, Samyang is a specialized company that provides various heavy-duty products with high-technology. It recently launched the Samyang Stick-Boom Crane HTS 8156 that boasts the highest performance among equivalent products. The truck-mounted hydraulic crane has superb lifting capacity (87.5 t.m). Equipped with six hexagonal box construction/six sections boom, twin double-acting raising cylinder, it is designed to work well in any condition.


Truck-mounted-hydraulic-crane Among its products, its stick-boom crane has achieved favorable reviews with five models in its lineup in a format of light and a medium-duty telescopic boom crane. The stick-boom crane boasts favorably for its lifting capacity, outreach, working radius, working height, rate of flow and working pressure among others. Most recently, it has achieved initial shipment overseas for its HTS-2076 and HTS- 1756 to various countries. Most noteworthy is that its exports to Russia are growing by leaps and bounds.

Besides the competitive prices and qualities, it also has the capabilities to supply custom-ordered products. Among some of its achievements, it obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification from the Korea Productivity Center, established its R&D center in 2012, obtained accreditation as a venture company as well as obtaining a RTN certification. Moreover, it has received various GOST-R marks for its products.

It obtained accreditation as a venture company in 2012. Started with production of its first finished product of HTS 2076, it has kept its pace of consistently releasing competitive models, increasing its market leadership in Korea. In 2013, it succeeded in obtaining registration of the automaker and obtaining registration of installation crane on truck.

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