Four-axis foldable bed for machining centers

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1505M01] G.M Precision Manufacture Company has been making sincere efforts to manufacture and provide advanced machine tools, utilizing an excellent nearby background of Changwon mechanical industrial complex and its long years of accumulated outstanding technique, technology, and know-how across all aspects of manufacturing. company has grown into a company that leads Korea’s machine tool industry, making new and innovative developments continuously.
There are two major players to lead the company’s active drive in market – A-axis manual/auto dividing head for milling machine & machining center and four-axis foldable bed for machining centers.

Four-axis-foldable-bed-for-machining-centersAmong them, the former is more at the forefront of the company’s drive into new markets with advanced capabilities. The Built-in multiple axis dividing jig system allows the bed to make five axis foldable beds (up to four ) more easily, quickly and stably by utilizing ball screw and LM-guide, avoiding the uncertainties of the market. Based on this operating principle, it is necessary for operators to join a servo-motor to a ball-screw. The block and bed are connected symmetrically to the LM-guide. After changing the rotary motion into a straight-line motion, it would be able to control angle by utilizing triple support axis. It is a kind of system to control the angle by applying a trigonometric function to measure the linear distance. A series of operations of clamping a linear motion and using a full-air brake on LM-guide are important. So, precision clamping system is required for fixing in the exact position. G.M Precision Manufacture Company’s ultimate aim is to be a global standard by ceaseless research and development in the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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