Construction equipment

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[INQ. NO. 1505M29] S & C is a group specializing in the production of front actuators for construction equipment and has been a successful strategic partner with Doosan Infracore since 1999. It has once engaged with a well-known Japanese construction machine manufacture as collaborative partner five years ago.

Construction-equipment Among the current most flagship products are its auto ripper and vibro hammer. The former reduces noise more than 10dB against hydraulic breaker and secures performance two to five times higher covering 70% of all different types of working sites compared to hydraulic breaker. Most of field works such as breaking, ripping and crushed rubble handling can be simultaneously available. It can carry out construction work even in city zone as sensitive place to machine noise. It minimizes operator’s vibration fatigue compared to other ripper machines, so the operator’s preference for this fatigue relief can contribute to high job efficiency. Construction work in river and ocean can be available without extra optional devices. Thanks to design, it ensures lower maintenance cost than the existing hydraulic breakers. With additional option devices, the ripper can be used as compactor or pile-driving hammer.

The latter is attractive equipment. It also gives a benefit of lower cost of maintenance than crane hammer. With outstanding workability and mobility, it ensures easier operation in critical regions such as chaotic sections of city, bridge areas and the vicinity of high-voltage lines than crane hammer does. It is equipped with high-powered hydraulic motor and suitable bearing for high frequency vibration. For high frequency purpose, vibro isolating rubber is installed as well. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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