Automotive gas spring

[INQ. NO. 1505M37] Since 1998, Yo-Jung Metal has been a specialized foundation in gas springs, piston rod for using shock absorbers. Domestically it is the only one manufacturing, polishing, and surface handling all core facilities. As a result of various attempts towards enterprise that holds market dominating technology over its competitors, it has succeeded in manufacturing more upgraded gas springs in terms of quality, price competitiveness. The gas spring from the company is mainly installed in automobiles’ tail gate and hood and helps doors easily open and close. It is a very optimal device to cushion the shock generated at a time when the driver opens and closes the door. With built-in competitive function, it allows the user to easily open, close and hold a heavy door and cover with less power. Such competitive features have resulted in such wide application as automobiles, railroads, agricultural machines, various industrial machinery, kitchen furniture and appliances, and office machines. Recently the gas spring started being used in various purposes of robots.

Automotive-gas-springIt has been striving to secure market leadership with its best class products. As part of such moves, it has begun exploring potential foreign markets in anticipation of expanded business opportunities in cooperation with governmental agencies. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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