Nutrient analyzer

[INQ. NO. 1507M02] Centennial Technology was established in 2000 in Ansan, Korea as a spinout venture from Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI). The members are scientists and engineers with twenty years of experience in chemistry, biology, oceanography, electronics, and environmental science. Centennial Technology is engaged in water and process monitoring equipment, systems and services based on innovative technologies. The company has made utmost efforts to be a true leader who embodies the era of on-site and online monitoring in the new millennium.

Nutrient-analyzer Nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen are essential for the growth of algae and other plants. Excessive concentrations of nutrients, however, can over stimulate aquatic plant and algal growth. Fertilizers, septic systems, waste water treatment plan discharges, and atmospheric depositions are typical sources of excess nutrients in surface waters. The forms of dissolved inorganic nitrogen found in surface water are nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia, while the form of dissolved inorganic phosphorous is phosphate.

Centennial Technology’s Robo Chem nutrient analyzer measures five parameters (nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, silicate, ammonia) simultaneously or sequentially. NT 2010 RoboChem is available in both sequential multi-parametric configuration and simultaneous multi-channel configuration according to a user’s needs. A submersible version is also available, which can be deployed down to a depth of 25m. In addition to significant time-saving and increased data quality, these analyzer systems also provide true analytical consistency and precision in every step of the analytical process. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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