High-frequency spindle

[INQ. NO. 1507M12] Technorise, as a specialized maker of precision instruments, has focused on manufacturing hi-tech added systems and higher value-added business, in its resolve to effectively lead the ever-changing market.


High-frequency-spindle Models of THA240, THL300, each as high frequency spindle, are representative, with each rpm of 24,000 and 30,000. TERA-THL300 requires clean dry air, as cooling air, to cool the motor and protect the spindle from contaminants(needs to use a filter and regulator, along with proper air pressure:0.3~0.4MPa).

TERA-THL240 exerts speed of 24,000rpm with maximum putout of 600W. For the model, motor and spindle are built as a single unit minimizing size and weight and allowing usage on a very wide variety of machines. Excellent durability is ensured thanks to its air-cooling system. Less than φ3mm small diameter drilling and milling is possible, with extremely good surface finishes by using a high-speed motor. As motor spindle, TERA-TNA500 shows speed of 60,000rpm.

TERA air turbine spindles use an advanced air motor system allowing for long and continuous operation and no heat generation. The air turbine spindles utilize ultra-precision, angular bearing to maximize rigidity in both radial and thrust direction makes this system perfect for grinding as well as drilling and milling with tools less than φ1mm diameter. Up to 4mm shank tooling can be used. When using a cutting tool of Φ1.0mm or smaller (especially, an end mill or drill smaller than Φ1.0mm), high-speed spindle is required.

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