Rack-steering gear

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

[INQ. NO. 1507M21] Young Heung has contributed to automotive industry, which has been changing and developing so rapidly, with its own accumulated technology and high-qualified engineers for such its products as materials of rack bar, axle-shaft, torsion bar for worldwide car manufacturers and steel cable for safety belt system.

Rack-steering-gearhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiryRack bar is its major product, which is manipulated into rack gear and then assembled to steering gear. Rack & pinion type steering gears are produced by Hyundai Mobis and TRW Korea, which are fi nally delivered into Hyundai, KIA, GM Daewoo and Renault Samsung. TRW is one of the top automotive parts suppliers worldwide. The company passed such companies’ strict inspection system as one of their qualifi ed suppliers.

Amid the rapidly changing automotive industry not only domestically, but also in the off shore market, Young Heung is actively striving to come up with high technology-applied automotive parts including rack bar, axle-shaft, and torsion bar for worldwide car manufacturers. Young Heung was determined to do its best to provide the best quality and service with valuable customers. Customers can be assured of the best quality, fast & timely delivery and excellent service.

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