Hot/cold forging parts

NYT has processed, manufactured and served hot/cold forging parts for automobiles, hydraulic and pneumatic and industries machineries since its establishment in 2000. In 2007, the company received TS 16949/ISO 14001 certification. The major product lines are: drive transmission parts; automobile parts; fluid power parts; bolt products; hot forging parts; and other custom-built products depending on a customers’ requirements. As a specialized provider of swivel & lock nuts for hydraulic-pneumatic parts and cold forging products, it has been producing specialized cold forging products through ceaseless technical development and quality innovation of cold forging since the foundation of the company. Using its own cold forging product and based on the development of a precise machining and TS-16949 quality system, the maker is doing its utmost efforts for customer satisfaction by providing the world best precisely processed hydraulic-pneumatic parts. And as a specialized provider of cold products, we have been producing specialized bolt products (wrench, plug, heavy hex, hinged and stud bolt, washer) through technical development and qualified innovation of cold forging.

Hot-cold-forging-parts Now such some major parts as stop pinions, spacer nuts, bite-type nuts, lock nuts, swivel nuts, sleevers (caps), plugs, wheel nuts, precision machine parts lead the company’s energetic advance into overseas markets. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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