Nut driver bit for construction

Hanyoung GST is a specialized company that was founded in 2004 based on the accumulated technical expertise of its employees. Hanyoung GST is equipped with diverse equipment associated with product development and automated mass production, as well as swaging technique related design and manufacturing.

Nut-driver-bit-for-construction, it develops and mass-produces automobile parts related to steering, gears, and driving. Hanyoung GST recently released nut driver bit, which is integral, so torsional phenomenon rarely occurred and because concentricity is minimized, tightening nut is easy you can use for a long time. It is used for tightening or loosening nuts during the construction. The product ensures excellence in surface illumination intensity, exact tolerance available, material-efficient, and effect in stainhardening.

Hanyoung GST actively contributes to developing the high-efficiency and lightweight products desired by its customers, with the firm commitment to making Korea self-sufficient in the swaging area based on its an accumulated technical capacity. Hanyoung GST intends to develop diversified products, medical devices, and sports supplies, as well as automobile parts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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