Chemical delivery system

[INQ. NO. 1508M11] STI (Systems Technology Inc.) has so far gained high marks in the world market for its high-end chemical delivery systems (CDSs). In the case of CDS, STI is receiving recognition for its excellent technology among industry circles by taking a global No.1 market share of FPD areas. Global recognition, especially, from Taiwan, China is most noticeable.

Chemical-delivery-system The hot-selling products from STI include mixing & supply systems, slurry supply systems and chemical delivery systems. For CDS, turnkey package consists of chemical delivery module, piping, cabling (signal), valve manifold box (VMB), and monitoring system. CDS is easy to operate with touch screen. Automatic/semi-automatic/manual mode with PLC is available. For easy maintenance, optimal design is available by using 3D CAD. Particle and metal impurities are controlled for customers’ quality standard.

And CO2 fire extinguisher and auto fire damper basically provide for solvent. Warranty covers preventive maintenance service every six months. Currently, China is emerging as the most important destination for exports to the region. All of its products including CDS, are ISO9001/14001-certified items. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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