Fittings for plants

[INQ. NO. 1508M18] TK Corp. has shown steady growth over the past 49 years to become reputed as one of the world’s leading fitting manufacturers for those engaged in the construction of water treatment, gas, oil, chemical, power plants and even nuclear power plants. Putting emphasis on stringent quality control and on-time delivery, the firm has proven itself for its outstanding productioncapability by trading with globally renowned giants such as Shell and ExxonMobil.

It has an annual output capacity of more than 160,000 metric tons and production ranges of 158” OD and 150mm WT (Max.), respectively. Used mainly in the special industrial environment, its products are roughly classified into elbows, tees and reducers, which all designed for use in supplying the fluid (oil, water) and gas (LNG, GTL). Available materials are carbon, stainless, alloy, duplex, super duplex steel and inconel. Its foreign approvals of fittings include ASME, JIS, GHOST and PED. The Asia region is currently being most targeted among the company’s exports with a 38% share of total volume, followed by the Middle East with 28%, America with 27%, the EU with 4 %, Africa with 1%, and Oceania with 2%, respectively. Maintaining trading relationships with 164 companies of 43 nations as of 2014, further efforts for expansion of its products are actively underway in the European nations.

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