Oil seal

[INQ. NO. 1508M20] Established in 1988, SKF Sealing Solutions Korea once kept a joint venture relation with AB SKF Group of Sweden in 1995. As a global oil seal specialist, SKF Sealing Solutions Korea is making more than 30% sales growth on a yearly basis. The company’s grown into a global maker in the field is contributable to the formation of partnerships with five Korean major auto makers such as Hyundai, Kia, GM Korea, Renault Samsung, Ssangyong, as well as global renowned companies like GM, Toyota, and Mazda.

Oil-sealhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry As major product of the company, oil seal, a component of machine that seals lubricants, is constructed of rubber, garter spring, and an internal case. While preventing the leakage of lubricants, water, or chemicals, an oil seal also prevents the entry of dust and dirt into a machine. Now there are many kinds of oil seals it is manufacturing, such as hub bearing unit, bonded piston seal, magnetic tone ring, valve stem seal, RR module with sensor, PTFE seal, and low friction seal.

Of those, bonded piston seal is most flagship seal in terms of abroad market commanding rate, technological completeness among oil seal family. SKF has experience in high volume production of bonded piston seals and currently supplies them major auto makers in Korea with a form of OEM. For the production of the bonded piston seals, industrial leading materials and related processing techniques, especially, are employed to provide enhanced performance and better bonded integrity. SKF’s advanced manufacturing processes deliver excellent quality and performance(increased bonded strength, better reliability, greater application tolerance). Clients companies from Europe, North America, and China are most frequently seeking for them.

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