All-in-one waterjet cutting machine

[INQ. NO. 1508M22] TOPS is a company that has a high reputation globally in the manufacturing of waterjet cutting systems. TOPS is developing optimized and customized systems in various industries based on the creative innovation and a constant attitude toward taking on new challenges. OPS’s vision is to become one of the global topthree waterjet system manufacturers.

All-in-one-waterjet-cutting-machine TOPS’s T300 optimum waterjet solution is an all-in-one structure waterjet system. It can be mounted with Active Cutting tm optionally. You can enjoy the best cutting performance at affordable system prices. It ensures delivery, installation in a shorter time than comparable models. Designed with all-in-one structure, it requires minimum installation space.

The system, for realization of higher performance, consists of cutt ing table, vertical cutt ing or active cutt ing tm head, SJP-4050b pump, top master tm waterjet cutting software, and abrasive removal system, etc.

Now the product advancing into markets of India, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Germany, Japan, and the United States and is gathering a considerable amount of export contracts. Furthermore, it has established an advanced R&D center in Korea as a major step to shorten the cycle of releasing innovative solutions constantly into the global market to outperform its competitors worldwide. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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