Widening global leadership in the manufacturing of carbon canisters

[INQ. NO. 1508M32] Korea Fuel-Tech was established in 1983 with the dream of becoming the beacon or lighthouse to the shipbuilding and engine industry. In the course of its development, it had faced numerous challenges and difficulties but through constant R&D and dedication, it has achieved worldwide industry recognition.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Korea Fuel-Tech’s carbon canister tops the maker’s flagship export list and is designed to receive HC vapor from the fuel tank, store HC vapor by adsorption while releasing air to the environment, and release vapor to the power-train (engine) upon demand. In general, fuel to be used for driving the engine is due to environmental factors such as the surrounding temperature fuel gas is generated.

Because the fuel gas contains noxious constituents, if the noxious constituents are discharged out of the motor vehicle, it results in air pollution and waste. In the canister, while the engine is stopped, the fuel gas generated in the fuel tank is adsorbed and stored by activated charcoal, and then, when the engine is started, the stored fuel gas is supplied to the engine, whereby air pollution and the wastage of fuel are prevented. With its strict quality control, the company has managed to achieve a defect rate that is one in a million.

Korea-Fuel-Tech-Co. In preparation for its second leap toward becoming a global leading company, Korea FT merged with Kyobo KTB SPAC in 2012. Placing great emphasis on efficient corporate management, Korea FT will continue to grow by staying true to its mission of quality service. Based on continuous R&D activities and investments, the company is committed to manufacturing innovative fuel system products.

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