Acrylic panel cutting machine

Mirae LNS developed acrylic panel cutting machine. It was produced only for acrylic panel cutting, but because it was able to cut several other plate materials, the company named it ‘multi-purpose’. It is possible to use this machine for various cuttings as user wants to. This machine is a down-sized, weight reduced, and very effective machine, with a completely new concept from the previous cutting machines. It acquired a technical patent (Patent No.10-1045190). It is a movable dust-removing & safe plate-cutting device with continuous upgrading functions and design. Softer plates are cuttable than acrylic panel, such as acrylic plate, PC, wood, plywood. Foam plastic plate is also cuttable. Cutting is also available for thickness(up to 25mm) and plate size(up to 1,220mm x 2,440mm).

Acrylic-panel-cutting-machine Mirae LNS works hard for the goal of making products that customers need, from the viewpoint of customers, based on technology accumulated for several years. In the machine business area, it developed acrylic panel cutting machine, acrylic panel beveling machine, and acrylic panel bending machine by its own technology, and succeeded in commercialization, and finally reached to mass production. In addition to these products, having supply system of light panel frame and subsidiary materials, it established one-stop system for light panel production first time in the sign industry. These products are produced in the international specifications and standards, and it acquired ISO 9001 certification for relevant products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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