Compressed air vacuum cleaner

Cheonggu Tech was established in 1989 and was registered as a corporation in 2012. The company produces and supplies compressed air-driven vacuum cleaners and air-cooled uniforms to shipbuilders. The compressed air vacuum cleaner is used for removing rainwater collected in blocks during the shipbuilding process. The cleaner is not powered by electricity, but by compressed air only. The cleaner has no moving parts, and the failure rate of the product is extremely low.

A float automatically detects water sucked from the vacuum cleaner, and then the lower cylinder discharges it, opening the hole. After it is closed, the vacuum cleaner sucks water again. This equipment guarantees the safety due to its non-electronic power and the rare failure rates. It is in great demand from this field of the industry such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, STX, Sung Dong Shipbuilding, Hyundai Steel and other domestic firms, etc.

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