Insulated concrete forms (Yessform system)

Yessform develops, produces and sel ls theYessform system which is both form and insulation material made of ultralight Styrofoam, new conceptual construction method. It acquired the patent for Yessform with recognition at home and abroad for technology and construction method based on know-how accumulated through technology and experience in the construction field over many years.

Insulated-concrete-forms-(Yessform-system) Yessform does not require making, installing or dismantling additional form because it has the function as both form and insulation material. Light and easy prefabricated type provides high efficiency and optimized air-tightness provides excellent insulation effect.

By adding the function of form to ultralight compressive Styrofoam insulation material, “Yessform system,” house built with insulation material, provides excellent insulating effect because of the airtight contact between concrete and Yessform by the hydration heat produced when placing concrete. It satisfies the keynote of energy-saving policy. It reduces construction time and cost significantly. Moreover it prevents industrial accident through the streamline process and weight-lightening effect.

Yessform system levels up the construction technique using the compressed Styrofoam (insulation) as a form without dismantling after placing and curing of concrete. Unlike the current seven steps, the system adopts more shortened three steps – temporary material carrying-in and assembling (first), concrete placing (second), and interior/exterior finishing (third). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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