PnP header system

Established in 2002, Aikang Greentech has been manufactured PB PIPE, PB/Brass fitting, general piping systems for theconstruction industry. In 2011, Aikang Greetech established an overseas branch office in Jakarta, Indonesia, creating better opportunities for pioneering the market, bolstered by the steadily growing size of the Korean market. The reasons for leakage in houses are that wrong construction and fitting problems of connections and damage due to long exposure. To remove the leakage factors, Aikang Greentech developed the PnP header system. It supplies the system to Samsung, Hyundai, and LG Construction companies. The PnP header system is economical and technical according to the construction and test using samples. The effects are proved by all its clients.

PnP-header-system Nowadays, most of the major construction companies use this system for reducing the costs of construction. The product’s features include flexible and light weight, resistance to impact, highest strength, no noise, economical efficiency, and resistance to contagion, freezing, and heat resistance. The product is expected to create more economical benefits for both the maker and client companies in the global market. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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