Solutions for waste water /sewage treatment system

Daehan Environment Engineering is the very specialized, qualified and licensed company on diverse business fields for environmental protection and improvement by Korea Governmental Authorities. From design, fabrication& installation, and even to test-run, for every area and stage of environmental management, Daehan Environment Engineering is ready to provide Total Environmental Solutions. Daehan Environment Engineering has continued technology development to maximize the effectiveness for the prevention of environment pollution since its establishment in 1987. Daehan Environment Engineering’s current major business areas such as air pollution prevention system, waste water/sewage treatment system, and local & general ventilation system are gaining high reputation in local market. For the three major section of its business, the company is engaged in the processes of design, fabrication, and installation. Now the service for waste water/sewage treatment installation is most representative for the service of our all environment prevention system, which is expected to create more business opportunity for the company this year in markets.


Now a total of eighty water quality-clients including GiHyun Jeong Gong, from the year of 2005, are existed for the company, creating sustainable, greater business benefits. Most recently, Daehan Environment Engineering acquired a registration as public sewage treatment facilities management agency by the Korea EPA Nakdongkang Branch(No. 1-15). And it will keep the effort to develop the solutions for environmental affairs for our descendants in the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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