Main bearing support

Daechang Solution’s Main Bearing Support is the steel castings which support the axis of the crank in a marine diesel engine. Main Bearing Support endures repeated mechanical stress caused by the vibration of the engine at the bottom of the engine assembly during the whole service life of the vessel. Very strict material quality specifications are thus required for this casting. Main Bearing Support is the major product of Daechang Cast & Machinery, which supplies more than half amount of world market demand.

Main-bearing-support Since its establishment in 1953, Daechang Solution has been growing into the leading steel casting company in Korea. Daechang Solution’s No. 1 product is occupying more than 60% of the global market share and approximately 25% of the total products are exported to Japan, the superpower of the parts and materials industry, which proves the high quality and strong global competitiveness of Daechang Solution’s products.

Despite the serious and difficult crises like oil price hikes and currency fluctuations over the past six decades, Daechang Solution could overcome such crises without much difficulty, and rather achieved growth because it has been constantly developing technologies and releasing new products. Daechang Solution plans to invest in new facilities and R&D activities to make its products even more profitable and competitive. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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