Manhole cover for preventing rainwater inflow

Hanyang Engineering’s manhole cover is manufactured to effectively protect the inner facilities by preventing the rainwater flowing into manholes during localized torrential downpours in the center of a city.

Manhole-cover-for-preventing-rainwater-inflow it will reduce filing of civil complaints because the manhole cover will block noise when the vehicle is passing above it. Moreover, this is the product tAhat can help to decrease the budget of government and municipality by reducing the related maintenance costs.

Rubber packs are added between manhole frame and manhole cover, so there is no noise in the busy road with many vehicles. Rubber packs are inserted between manhole frame and manhole cover, so it protects the facilities inside the manhole during a localized torrential downpour with waterproofing. Installation of safety ring on manhole frame is recommended. Even if the manhole cover is opened, the safety ring prevents the related accidents such as falling into a manhole accident or vehicle rollover accident.

The raising manhole process will be finished after putting the riser ring on a manhole frame without excavation around the manhole. So costs can be reduced dramatically. It minimizes traffic congestion with the simple and quick manhole raising process. Since there is no digging process of asphalt concrete around the manhole also waste is not generated, it helps environment protection. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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