Mediterranean-style stone-coated steel roof

Roser’s stone-coated steel roof is made of high quality Al-Zn alloy steel which is coated with high standard roofing stone granules. It has great long-term corrosion resistance in addition to being incredibly lightweight. It protects against various kinds of weather for users’ safety and comfort. Moreover, a wide selection of colors is available to suit its customers’ every need. Cleo is an elegant and romantic Mediterranean-style stone-coated steel roof with classic taste. Its classic aesthetic appeal and its unique coloration displayed a perfect harmony with the environment that will draw admiration from all homeowners. Cleo has a strong three-dimensional feature on both the length and width because of its unique design and the way Cleo would look when installed.

Mediterranean-style-stone-coated-steel-roof Cleo’s beauty comes from its elegant and romantic design and its strength comes from the distinguished characteristics of a stone coated steel roof. It is simply a perfect combination of beauty and durability that all home owners are looking for in a roof. Ordinary stone coated steel roof has a mono tone on its color while Cleo has a two-tone color. The extra color tone not only enhances the overall outlook of the roof, but also vivifies the roof. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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