Metal seat ball valve

For the past 30 years, Kyung Duk Industry has been engaged in the production of specialized metal seated ball valves with high hardness and excellent heat-, pressure-, and abrasion-resistance. firm’s popular metal seated ball valves are made by employing the maker’s unique technology. Solving the shortcomings of similar products, they ensure superior hardness and sharply prolonged life. Featuring excellent durability, abrasion-resistance and erosion-resistance, they are suitable for handing fluid with excessive wearing properties.

The product is ideal for use at oil & gas, refinery / petrochemical(like feed filter systems, slurry separators, H2S lines and catalyst lines),chemical plants (metal silicon line, poly silicon line), power plants, nuclear power plant and iron mills. It has proven its reliable quality by being supplied to domestically and overseas prestigious oil refining companies and chemical companies. The product is exclusively developed and manufactured by Kyung Duk Industry. This product is a ball valve with unprecedented effects against high heat, high pressure, abrasion, and corrosion. This product can be used from several to tens of more times than other company’s stellite coating ball valve and is semi-permanent depending on the used environment. It is completely sealed off above the Leakage Class ANSI VI. Moreover, the performance enhances over usage. The KD Valve has an outstanding capacity of being semi-permanent under service conditions of sever abrasions from fluids containing slurry, catalyst, sand, and metal silicon.

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