Cooling system

[INQ. NO. 1510M41] Cooling System is a specialty manufacturer of automobile engine-related parts in Korea. From the early-stage of its business, the company has shown continuous growth in the field in the nation based upon its highly trained engineers and accumulated technology and know-how.

Cooling-system Riding on such lingering growth in that field, Cooling System is contributing to development of the nation’s precision machinery section. Cooling System’s current main products are of precision mechanical parts that require high functionality and unique performance such as Bi-metal fan clutch, Electronic fan clutch, and Fan Motor.

The company’s auto fan clutch assy is designed to help improve a large size engine’s performance while decreasing fan noise and vibration. The basic principle for this fluid motivating fan clutch is that a fan is installed in the driven casing setting high viscous fluid around a disk typed drive axis.

This is the most important part for the engine cooling fan activating system for today’s automobiles. And, this mechanism can generally be called an air temperature sensitive viscous fan drive or modulated viscous fan drive. The American markets are currently taking the foremost position in the export destinations for the company with 70% share of the entire sales, and the remaining sales are to Asia, the Middle East, and the domestic market. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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