Disc brake caliper

[INQ. NO. 1510M37] Woo Shin Industries has been specialized in manufacturing such essential auto parts that can strongly affects the drivers’ safety as disc brake caliper, brake vacuum booster, and brake master cylinder since 1992.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry More than 700 kinds of such products are being shipped to over 30 nations. The most noticeable customers include ATL(Canada), A1 Cardone(U.S.), FENCO(U.S.), BOSCH(Germany), ZAZ(Ukraine), etc.

Over 50 kinds of new auto components models on a yearly basis developed and exported to foreign markets contributing to the development of global automotive markets.

The company, which originally started its business with the name of Sung Up Machinery, is striving for becoming a company holding the world’s best competitive edge based upon the local No. 1 competitiveness.

Currently over 700 kinds of disc brake caliper can be promptly produced depending on the demands of its customers worldwide.

Disc-brake-caliper Those calipers are highly precisely processed according to global standard. Strong braking power and high durability are also attractive strengths in seizing hot attentions among global buyers. Strict process in manufacturing ensures the qualities of products. The venture acquired ISO and QS quality in 2001.

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