Industrial valves

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1510M27] Total Engineering produces order-made and semiorder-made valves corresponding to special specifications for various plants in over 20 countries since its establishment in 1992. Thanks to so many years of faithful commitment to meeting customers’ requirements, Total Engineering has gained a large number of partners including Daelim Industry, Samsung Engineering, LG Chemicals and Hyundai Heavy Industry in Korea and CTCI, HMC and TECNICAS abroad.

Currently Total Engineering is in the progress of such several global projects as Oman Sohar Refinery Improvement Project, Malaysia TNB Fast Track 3A Project, Saudi Arabia Rabigh Phase II Petrochemical Project, and Vietnam Thai Binh 2 Thermal Power Plant. Already Total Engineering carried out some global projects including India Haldia Project, Saudi Elastomer Project.

Industrial-valves_1 Currently, Total Engineering, for such global projects, manufactures various types of industrial valves such as ram piston valves (metal to metal seat type with no leakage, durability under high temperature, high pressure), knife gate valves (metal to rubber cushion of two ways usage), long knife gate valves (three sealing system – seat, packing, and bonnet), slide gate valves (no leakage, no dead space), diverter valves (open-close, change of direction function, filtration space, minimizing loss of pressure), self lapping valves (blade recovery function), change over valves (maintenance with open-close function of pipe line), blind valves (fluid-blocking function for maintenance to maintain process for a long time), and strainers (impurities of fluid filtering function in pipeline). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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