Developing into a global celebrated auto air bag covers manufacturer

[INQ. NO. 1511M22] Pungjin Solution has developed its specialty of mainly manufacturing automobile air bag covers, an essential automobile safety part, backed by advantageous background environment of industrial city of Ulsan, the Korea’s largest industrial complex, with the initial name of Pungjin company in 2000.

Pungjin In 2006, Pungjin Solution was established under the current company name finally, so that it could stably produce various kinds of air bag covers including DAB, PAB, SAB, air back housing, etc., contributing to the localization of parts, increase of the nation’s exports.

In a response to the swiftly changing global market, Pungjin Solution has early tried to develop lighter new air bag cover products and to raise global talents. Thus, it could successfully be adapted to new markets. Pungjin Solution attributes the driving force of its consistent growth to such sensitive, timely response to the global market change.

Pungjin_1 Pungjin Solution’s representative director Lee Jaechen responded to such questions as what two most important management priorities and what his ultimate future vision was, saying, “We will continue to make our creative efforts for R&D, and to raise top-profile tech manpower and we will become a global wellknown automotive parts manufacturer.”

We also produce air bag housings, one of the basic air bag products. Under the current situation of global market where steel housing products dominate, we continue to develop lighter plastic housing products in an effort to release more competitive products aimed at the global market. These lighter plastic housing products are expected to contribute to the saving of automobile’s fuel and to cost-saving. I think company in today is a kind of giant living creature. So, l would like to interpret about my management philosophy as “Our company will have to be reborn depending on the surrounding business environment, like a chameleon, which is a talented animal in changing its body color according to the surrounding environment,” said the president when asked about his business management philosophy.

Through its accumulated business relationship not only with major domestic companies, but also with global companies such as TRW, Autoliv, Key Safety, TAKATA, etc., Pungjin Solution could gather enough know-how to fully meet the demands of the quality standardization meeting international standards and of stable production. The major export markets are the United States, China, and Eastern Europe. Based on the trade infra built with markets in such nations, Pungjin Solution is further seeking ways to expand its export market into markets of South America, Japan, and South Europe.

Pungjin Solution early introduced the six Sigma management techniques to fully provide products, techniques, and services, requested by customers, under the rapidly changing global management environment of global economy’s openness and globalization. Placing a big weight on ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949, Pungjin Solution has emphasized the level of valuation on delivery date and quality from customer companies. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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