Eco-friendly jet hand dryer

[INQ. NO. 1511M08] Spacelink’s eco-friendly jet hand dryer “Bio JangPoong” emerged as one of leading products in the global market in the field, following steady growth of its market presence in the local market.
In the light of the fact that as many as 100 fully-grown trees are consumed creating 5,000 tons of waste thereafter to meet the demand requiring 1,067 paper towels per day and about two million paper towels per year in most buildings five stories high, the product is anticipated to play a major role as essential equipment, not only for the protection of the environment, but for caring for the health of users since the eco-friendly jet hand dryer causes no paper to be wasted, as well as no trees being cut down.
With the high-speed air blower, the dryer, which operates gently, removes water on hands within only 7 to 10 seconds, boasting better performance than the conventional heated hand dryer. It can generate and keep air warm at 48.0°C and 118.4°F by recycling waste heat of the motor installed in it so its HS code is different to other existing ones, without any additional support of a heating device.
Faster drying and less energy can save up to 99 % of annual cost when compared to paper towels or over 85 % than conventional hand dryers. Unlike most hand dryers, Bio JangPoong has air speed control mode and five levels of speed to satisfy users. The
touch-free system with three sensors protects hands from secondary contamination and is a more convenient way to use.

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